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We design and test medium and severe duty trucks for real-world conditions to help your truck stay in service and get the job done. We know a truck's dependability and efficiency maximize productivity, so our vocational trucks' available powertrains provide a broad range of horsepower and torque ratings to meet demanding job conditions, while producing optimum uptime, cycle times, and results.

Upfit Background


Whether you're transporting bulk ingredients, mixing concrete, plowing snow, or anything in between, spec'ing for your specific application is critical to the upfit process. That's why we've worked closely with truck equipment manufacturers (TEMs) across a variety of market segments to engineer trucks with hundreds of smart spec'ing solutions for your business. And our available clear back-of-cab platforms allow TEMs to upfit efficiently, reducing costs and time.

Designed for easy upfit

Safety Background


Because vocational trucks run on congested jobsites and in challenging conditions, safety is paramount. That's why we focus on enhancing operator visibility. And as an industry leader in the development of passive and active safety systems, we also equip our vocational trucks with numerous standard and optional safety features and ergonomically designed, noise-limiting cabs. Our cabs are designed to keep operators comfortable during a long workday, helping reduce fatigue and improving overall safety and productivity. Plus, the optional SmartPlex™ electrical system allows the addition of safety interlocks to help prevent injuries and equipment damage. For example, the boom-out-of-stow interlock prevents the vehicle from moving if the boom is not positioned for travel.

Quality Background


Freightliner vocational trucks balance toughness with efficiency. Our high-quality construction, durable materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technology, including robotics and automated systems, create precise, reliable trucks. Freightliner's goal behind rigorous testing is to ensure each model exceeds your expectations. By maximizing longevity, we've designed our trucks to drive profitability on jobsites for years down the road.

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Real Cost of Ownership

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We provide real solutions to lower your Real Cost of Ownership and increase profitability. Learn more about how Freightliner Trucks can lower your RCO in our whitepaper guide. Download the RCO guide


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Real Cost of Ownership

From upfit, to uptime, to operator visibility, maneuverability and safety, your vehicle's Real Cost of Ownership (RCO) affects your business in real ways you can calculate.

Thinking about getting a new truck? Make sure your vocational truck works hard for your business. Our whitepaper guide walks you step by step through the process of calculating RCO — and making the best business decision.

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