Real Cost of Ownership

With all the variables that can affect the bottom line, Freightliner Trucks has narrowed it down to five factors that determine our customers' Real Cost of Ownership (RCO). And it isn't just one, two or even three of these factors that determine RCO. It's all of these factors together. And no one does a better job of lowering it than Freightliner Trucks.

Fuel Efficiency

Our trucks feature advanced aerodynamics and are powered by the integrated Detroit™ Powertrain for maximum efficiencies.


Detroit Connect telematics solutions let you capture, transmit and analyze data directly from your trucks, dramatically improving uptime.


Freightliner Trucks offers industry-leading safety features designed to help protect drivers.


Each Freightliner model undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds our customers' expectations and business needs.


Our robust support footprint features hundreds of service locations with Detroit factory-certified technicians throughout North America.

Godspeed Expediters

Les and Stacie Willis, owner/operators of Godspeed Expediters, haul highly specialized and critical freight across 48 states and Canada. With shipments including vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, people's lives often depend on their on-time arrivals. That's why the Willises depend on Freightliner.

"We rely on equipment that operates up and down the road. We look for longevity and a proven track record. And Freightliner delivers," Les explains.

Uptime is a job requirement for the Willises. Les says, "Our uptime is very, very critical for us to deliver on the promises that we make our customers. When it comes to uptime with our Freightliner Cascadia® trucks, they really are second to none."

Since 2005, Godspeed Expediters has grown from one Freightliner truck to a fleet of seven. And because of the critical nature of their deliveries, Godspeed requires highly trained and qualified drivers. Stacie says, "Having the Cascadia in our fleet helps us attract better drivers, and retain them."

Plus, with $13,000 in fuel savings per truck, per year, Les adds, "Nothing affects our bottom line more than a fuel-efficient truck."

Through unparalleled uptime, driver comfort and fuel efficiency, Freightliner Trucks helps Les and Stacie lower their Real Cost of OwnershipSM and deliver their critical freight on time.

Brossard Leasing

Headquartered in Montreal, Brossard Leasing is a leader in the industry because of their customer service. They work closely with their customers to spec trucks for their individual business needs. Brossard's local Freightliner dealer helps them through this process with knowledgeable support and a wide range of spec'ing options.

When their trucks hit the road, Brossard offers their customers an uptime guarantee. With a fleet of 3,500 trucks traveling across the continent, guaranteeing uptime takes confidence and connectivity.

That's why Brossard specs Detroit Virtual Technician in all of their Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolutions. This integrated remote diagnostic system helps Brossard monitor their fleet, plan for service and preventative maintenance and keep their trucks moving. Vice President and General Manager Jérôme Léonard explains, "Virtual Technician helps us deliver on our uptime guarantee. The ultimate is for our customers to do their deliveries on time. And this system gives us a hand in achieving that."

Freightliner Trucks helps Brossard deliver superior service and lower their Real Cost of Ownership with reliable vehicles, telematics technology and an extensive dealer network across North America.

Léonard says, "We recommend Freightliner trucks every day in our business." So it's no wonder Brossard plans to continue to add Freightliners to their fleet.

Liquid Trucking

In 1989, Roger Schmidt started Liquid Trucking with a small fleet of Freightliner trucks, and he's grown his business with his two sons and Freightliner ever since. Today Liquid Trucking delivers across 48 states and Canada with a fleet of 150 Freightliner trucks and 250 bulk stainless steel tankers.

Specializing in just-in-time freight, uptime is critical to Liquid Trucking. The dependability of their Freightliner Cascadia® trucks keeps payloads on schedule and their family business thriving.

Liquid Trucking also keeps their fleet running with good drivers. And the Freightliner Cascadia helps attract and retain them. Driver Dan Pijanowski says, "In the 17 and a half years I've worked for Liquid Trucking, they've always listened to what the driver had to say as far as comfort and reliability, along with the personal touch of getting you home on the weekends… it means a lot to drivers."

Freightliner helps Liquid Trucking maintain a driver retention rate nearly 70% higher than industry average, maximizing uptime and lowering their Real Cost of Ownership℠.

Looking toward the future, Josh Schmidt says, "Our plans are to continue to grow the business. We've been very successful with Freightliner. Choosing the right truck has been a big part of our success."

Bison Transport

Since 1969, Bison Transport has grown from just 18 tractors and 32 employees to over 1,400 tractors and 2,600 employees. Today, they are one of the largest carriers in Canada and the largest long combination vehicle (LCV) carrier in North America. Along their road to success, Bison Transport has earned a reputation in the industry for world-class safety, reliability and service. And they accomplished that by putting people first. It's that philosophy that has helped them achieve high customer satisfaction, driver retention and many of the industries greatest honors, including North America's Safest Fleet and North America's Driver of the Year.

In addition to all the high marks and accolades, Bison Transport operates one of the most modern fleets in the industry. From their office space to their trucks, they employ the latest advancements in technology. Freightliner is proud to provide Bison Transport with some of the most innovative trucks on the road today, including the best-in-class Cascadia® Evolution, equipped with the proprietary Detroit™ DD15® engine and the DT12™ transmission, to give them the efficiencies and reliability they need.

Bison Transport determined fuel efficiency, safety and uptime had the most impact on their Real Cost of Ownership℠. So to lower it and increase their profitability, they partnered with Freightliner to help keep their drivers safe, their fuel costs low and their freight moving down the road. For Bison Transport, that's proven to be the winning combination.

Fowler Trucking

Deciding Factor Was Real Cost of OwnershipSM

Jim and Cindy Fowler have been leased-on owner/operators to Landstar since 2005. They're a married couple that drives team all over the continental United States with their boxer named Toby. The freight they haul consists of consumer goods, hazardous materials, military loads and pretty much anything else that fits into a van trailer.

The Fowlers rely on Freightliner Trucks to keep their business rolling. Their Cascadia® Evolution is their livelihood, and our advances in fuel economy, connectivity and uptime are just some of the ways we're lowering the Fowlers' Real Cost of Ownership.

In the first six months of owning their Freightliner Cascadia Evolution, they were able to save over $13,000 in fuel costs alone. And because their Cascadia Evolution is equipped with the Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ onboard diagnostic system, the Fowlers are able to stay ahead of any repairs, keeping them on the road longer. That adds up to increased profitability and an easier path to success.

Old Dominion Truck leasing

Customized Business Solutions

For over 50 years, Old Dominion Truck Leasing has promoted a core philosophy of integrity, honesty and exceeding customer expectations. The family-owned company develops deep personal and business relationships that translate into profitable truck leasing, rental and maintenance solutions, as well as a high customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Old Dominion Truck Leasing also focuses on offering customized solutions to its customers, with increased flexibility and service beyond expectation. Old Dominion knows each of its customers’ truck leasing and transportation needs are unique, so the company ranks solving their problems as its highest priority.

Freightliner Trucks helps Old Dominion Truck Leasing achieve success by manufacturing some of the most innovative and efficient vehicles on the road today such as the Cascadia® Evolution. In addition to highly customizable vehicles, Freightliner Trucks also offers its customers integrated solutions that lower their Real Cost of Ownership. By factoring in fuel efficiency, safety, uptime, connectivity and quality, Freightliner is able to maximize its customers’ profitability and directly impact their success.


Going the Distance

Since 1975, Challenger has continually strived to surpass its previous standards of quality and performance, carving innovation into its culture along the way.

One of the most technologically advanced supply chain solutions providers in Canada, Challenger has always been on the forefront of operational achievements, allowing them to exceed their customers' evolving needs, influence the transportation industry and attain an impressive record of customer satisfaction.

Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution truck models help Challenger achieve its success by offering products that match their focus on technology and innovation. In addition to cutting-edge research and development efforts, Freightliner trucks feature the most advanced aerodynamic styling components as well as a fully integrated powertrain to maximize operating efficiency and fuel economy. And standard features such as the Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ only increase productivity and uptime for customers.


Innovative Philosophies and a Commitment to Customers

Meijer is a family-owned company that has been providing positive solutions to everyday problems for its customers for over 75 years. Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Meijer's commitment to innovation and taking care of families has led to continued growth throughout the rest of Michigan and into Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

A pioneer in the grocery business, Meijer opened the first supercenter in 1962, offering a one-stop shopping experience that would springboard into a retail phenomenon. Innovative concepts such as this, as well as conveyor belts and scanners in the check-out lines to staying open all day, every day, have been keys to the company's increasing success.

Innovation and success is why Meijer runs Freightliner Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution truck models for its regional distribution services. This private carrier was also one of the first Freightliner Trucks customers to pilot the Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ on-board diagnostics system, increasing efficiency and saving critical time and money in its day-to-day business operations.

Freightliner Trucks offers Meijer superior products with increased uptime, reliability and efficiency, so it can get products and produce where they need to be, when they need to be there. Freightliner's Evolution day cab configuration offers power and maneuverability with fuel-efficient engine options that directly benefit Meijer's bottom line and continued success.

KLLM Transport Services

Specialty Service and Satisfied Customers

For 50 years, KLLM Transport Services has been transporting perishable commodities for customers throughout the country. KLLM offers over-the-road, regional and dedicated temperature-controlled services throughout the United States and Mexico.

KLLM custom designs transportation packages that provide the best service possible to each individual customer. Just-in-time, protective-service, temperature-sensitive and low-altitude routings are just a few of the specialty services KLLM offers.

KLLM prides itself on performing on a higher level, each and every day. Annually, company drivers deliver over 180,000 loads, achieving an on-time delivery rate of 98 percent.

The Freightliner Cascadia® helps KLLM achieve this success by offering superior reliability, getting the products where they need to be, when they need to be there. In addition to being reliable vehicles, Freightliner trucks are aerodynamically optimized with powerful, fuel-efficient engines that allow for maximum fuel economy savings, a direct benefit to KLLM's bottom line and continued success.

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Real Cost of Ownership

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